​​​​​​​​​​Serenity West Pacific Company


Serenity West Pacific Company is an international technical, engineering and humanitarian integrated project development group providing asset management, advisory, risk management and operations targeted at meeting expanding humanitarian needs in areas of growth.


Serenity West Pacific Company principally operates in the following sectors:

- Access to Health Care

- Agriculture

- Marine Aquaculture

- Aquaponics

- Bio-Fuels

- Farming

- Global Gateway Education

- Hospitals and Medical Care

- Hybrid Airships

- Infrastructure Support - water, sewerage, power generation and communications

- Mass Rapid Transport

- Mining Resource Gasification & Liquefaction Systems

- Non-GMO Pesticides & Plant Growth

- Occupational Skill Development

- Orphan Homes & Care

- Petrochemicals

- Reforestation & Wildlife Preservation

- Water

- Wellness & Traditional Healing Centers



Serenity West Pacific Company seeks to integrate with, long term assets that secure a sustainable lifestyle for humanity living in a deprived and; quite often logistically remote environment.


Through its professional and technical networks, Serenity West Pacific Company; provides access to substantial resources and leading edge technologies. Typically, an integrated project term can extend for 50 years and extend further, in many cases.










Benefits of a Serenity West Pacific Integrated Project Development

 A Serenity West Pacific Integrated Humanitarian Project Development can provide communities with an opportunity to add value to existing or future projects through application of advanced technologies and long term project cooperation. The integration of humanitarian project funding with technology and project development support enables those communities not having the resources to secure improved capabilities to achieve their goals.











The Serenity West Pacific Difference


Serenity West Pacific is unique providing an integrated project development approach to:

Long-term humanitarian projects through an extensive support network of experienced financial professionals who are an integral part of a team of;

Technical professionals possessing existing and leading edge technologies for new and expanding community development in international areas of growth.

Project development through a joint operation/venture for the duration of the project. As part of this approach the group facilitates community development, due diligence to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and meetings with institutional organizations prior to launching the initial programs and projects.

​Project Development Strategy


Serenity West Pacific’s humanitarian project focus is on secure; long-term community and human resource development in areas of growth in need of sustainability.

Key to Serenity West Pacific participation in a project; is humanitarian sustainability that includes transfer of technology and know-how; through educational training programs and construction of educational centers for those members of the community that will ultimately be responsible for operation of the project and its team; passing on knowledge to future generations.












Project Development Risk Management 

Serenity West Pacific adopts a suite of risk management strategies to ensure the security of a humanitarian project development and includes:

Strong entities as counter-parties (e.g. guaranteed feedstock providers for the project term and off-takers, as appropriate);

Where assets are to be constructed, substantial constructors with performance guarantees and/or completion bonds, who are engaged under fixed-price turn-key Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts.

Substantial management and operations joint venture partners that are prepared to jointly manage and operate project facilities for the project duration.

Any feedstock risk is managed through agreed feedstock volumes and base price contracts with a reputable supplier for the duration of the project and the off-take with a base price to the feedstock ensuring affordability throughout the project term.

Synchronicity of key contractual arrangements for the humanitarian project term.

Serenity West Pacific defines a “strong entity” as being rated as investment grade by Standard & Poor’s (minimum BBB rating) or Moody’s (minimum Baa rating). Each key counter-party to a project is to be participant grade or, a domestically acceptable; world class company with a substantial balance sheet and wrapped by a minimum AA-rated insurer.

​​Integrated Humanitarian Project Investment


Serenity West Pacific is experienced in asset facility management and plays an active role, through its joint venture/operations participation in project development of, community endeavors funded through benevolent resources.

This participation provides technical expertise and professional guidance for project types previously listed, in areas of growth, where resources are limited and humanitarian sustainability is a necessity.



Company Background


​Serenity West Pacific  is an integrated group of operations, technical and professional individuals who provide qualified, project and technical expertise to communities in remote developing areas that require partnership participation to realize success of their humanitarian goals development and outcome.

David Jackman is the founding partner and CEO of Serenity West Pacific. David and the other directors of the company determine Serenity West Pacific’s strategic directions and its humanitarian project development challenges.